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Rajasthan Palanhar Scheme 2018 Online Application through State Social Welfare Department

Rajasthan’s State Social Welfare department has pick up with a project to supply family environment to shaping orphans who are existing in state-run orphanages. According to the Program, enamoured families, issueless couples or relatives of orphaned children will be promoted to accept the answerability of carrying these children. And they would obtain an wages in return.
Since the application of deferment orphans in state-run orphanages has not certified very successful, the social welfare department has pronounced to familiarize the new yojna. According to social welfare minister Madan Dilawar, every family which accepts the accountability or pitching a child would be provided Rs 675 per month and an additional Rs 2,000 every year. This incentive is anticipated to promote the families who are intending to uplift children but do not get the responsibility for financial reasons, the minister asked.

Priority would be supplied to relatives and acquaintances and every family would obtain the relief till the child turns 18. No family would be permitted to accept more than two children but supervision would be contracted to look to it that siblings are not divided.

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Contact for More Detail and Help

Department of Child Rights, Jaipur, Rajasthan
20/198, Kavari Path,Sector-2, Mansarovar, Jaipur
Rajasthan, Pin No-302020


RIGHTS of Children

1. Right to Safe Environment

2. Rights to Food

3. Right to Healthcare

4. Right to Education

5. Right against Child marriage

6. Right to liberty

7. Right to be free from partiality

8. Right to safety from Abuse

9. Right to safety from suction and disregard

10. Right to be Heard and Participate freely

11. Right to Leisure and free time.

12. Right to Family life.