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Mewar University Rajasthan Syllabus 2017, Old Sample Papers

In the current days the Mewar University Syllabus 2017-2018 for the MBA, BCA, BBA, LLB, MCA, LLM, PHD, MA, BA, B Sc, B Com course schedule has been uploaded.

All Applicants who are searching for the Mewar University Syllabus can log on via the related portal to obtain the same in PDF format.

Mewar University Syllabus 2017

Introduction to Research Methodology:  Meaning of Research, Objectives of  Research, Motivations in Researc h, types of Research, Research  Approaches, Significance of Research , Research Methods v/s Methodology,  Research and Scientific Methods, Re search Process, Criteria of Good  Research. 2. Defining the Research Problem: C oncept and need, Identification of  Research problem, defining an d delimiting Research problem. 3. Research Questions and Hypothesi s: Variables and their linkages,  characteristics of good Hypothesis.  Research question and formulation of  hypotheses-directional and non-directi onal hypotheses, Basis  for hypotheses. 4. Research design: Meaning, Need,  Features of Good Design, Concepts,  Types. Basic principles of Experi mental Design, various methods of  Research. Survey, Philosophical, Hi storical, Experimental, Causal  Comparative, Genetic, Case Studies ……

The University has set up below faculties, which run engineering, management and several other technical and professional courses, along with the conventional programs.

    Faculty of Engineering & Technology

    Faculty of Computer Science and System Studies

    Faculty of Management and Commerce

    Faculty of Science & Technology

    Faculty of Humanities, Social Science & Fine Arts

    Faculty of Legal Studies

    Faculty of Education & Psychology

    Faculty of Mass & Media Communication

    Faculty of Paramedical

    Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Science

    Faculty of Vocational Sciences, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Studies


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