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How to Create A New Blog, Steps to Develop Your Blog Online

Blogging is another occasion for the needful contestants, It may be part time or full time depends on particulars. If You want to start your new blog then this article will help you in developing your blog. There will be no need to keep knowledge about any programming Language just Like HTML or Java or Advance Java, SQL or any 3G or 4th GL Languages.

For New Joiners It Will be Tough but here they are advised not to worry because it’s just a few minutes exercise. Before Start blogging Please think about these below 06 Steps to develop your blog.

1.      You Want to start a New Blog…Why ?

2.      If You Want to then What Focus of Yours In Your Blog..

3.      If You are Determined then ON what Platform you want to make your blog.

4.      Chooses Your Web Portal i.e. On BlogSpot or Word Press…

5.      If you Want So then Fist Of all Make your E-Mail Account in Gmail and then Start Blogging.

By Blogging You may Develop your Writing Skills. Every Day Writing in Blog will make you to earn money by Online Media. Now You may put your thoughts by your blog before the world. By Writing Your Thoughts daily on Blogger will improve your talent and this will lead you front age in this era. Your Voice will be heard by the experts and leaders of Today.

Now Open your Blog :- You get a new platform to publish your idea or thoughts. A Bigger Audience You may catch by writing every day blog and by advertising in your blog by different companies or organizations will make you rich or be able to get monthly money to secure your life. Many people earn a lot of money while blogging.

Main Focus Will be In Your Blog :- If you Start Blogging then you should be focussed on your idea about blogging i.e. what should be your blog i.e. what idea or thoughts you will be able to write in your blog. You may write what ever you are expert in writing about field or Current activities and On Food, ON Daily Recruitment Chances i.e. Government and Private Job Notices, Syllabus of Different Competitions, You may also write about travelling to various places in India and Abroad, Food Management, Different Views About Marketing and Business. You May Also Write About Yoga Tips or Health Conscious Blog. You may Write Some Of the below mentioned Criteria here ….

Travel about Different Place or Travelling…

Food Mangement, About Romance tips.

Marketing Management and About Political Different Views..

Different thoughts about Religion

Different Views About Fashion and Photography Criteria…

Technology, leadership, movies or fiction

 Thus you can keep sharing useful information about it.

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What Platform You Will use :-  In this age First of all Decide WHICH platform you will use during blogging You may use Following Options for Blogging….

Blogger i.e. BlogSpot


Or there are many Hosts Which provide to open the New Account for Blogging.. But before Choosing any Web Host for your blogging You should ensure that the below mentioned features should be provided by Web Host of Your Blog….

1.      You may be able to use the service of Customer Support via chat, phone, or email these services should be helpful, polite and professional.

      2.  Server uptime should be bigger.

     3  It Should be ensured about the Services should be easy to use.

     4. Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts.

    5. Inexpensive.

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