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KPSC Syllabus 2016 for Assistant Engineer Exam Pattern

KPSC Syllabus 2016 for 846 Assistant Engineer (Civil / Mechanical) Karnataka Public Service Commission Scheme Of Examination 2016 for Assistant Engineer Karnataka PSC Old Question Papers  KPSC 846 Assistant Engineer Download Karnataka PSC Empty Posts Model Question Papers......
KPSC Syllabus 2016 for AE

Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) has disclosed the Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2016 for the role of Assistant Engineer (Civil/Electrical/Mechanical) posts. The Posts which have been declared are 846 Assistant Engineer. Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2016 are described here. As the Syllabus & Exam Pattern is must for preparations of the upcoming examinations which may be held in March 2016 (Tentative).  

Recruiting Department :- Karnataka Public Service Commission

Information Regarding :- Assistant Engineer (Civil / Mechanical) Syllabus 2016

Status :-Available On Site



Traditional materials:- stone, brick, tiles-roofing and flooring, steel, timber, lime, cement, their manufacture, properties and codal requirements. Mortar, cement concrete, properties, specifications and tests for quality control. Reinforced concrete, fibre reinforced concrete and fem-cement applications. Paints, enamels, varnishes, tar, bitumen, asphalt, properties and use. Modem materials: plastics, rubber, polymer, fibre reinforced plastics, manufacture, properties and use. Introduction to composites and smart materials. Building Construction: Foundations; Stone Masonry; Brick Masonry -Rules for bonding, stretcher and header bonds and English Bond; Doors and Windows; Stairs - proportioning and designing of different types of staircases for residential and commercial buildings; Different types of roofs. RC . Constructions - Lintels and sunshades, beams, one-way and two-way slabs. Plastering and pointing: types, preparation, properties, uses and defects. Formwork for construction. Damp proofing, ,


SOLID MECHANICS: Fundamentals of force system. Concept of Rigid body and deformable bodies. Free body diagrams. Centroid and moment of inertia of plane areas. Simple stress and strain. Hooke's law. Mechanical properties of materials. Elastic constants. Simple flexure theory, Bending stress and shearing stress distribution across sections. Deflection of beams, Macaulays method for deflection of statically determinate beams. Compound stresses - analytical method, graphical method - Mohr's circle of stresses. Torsion, transmission of power through hollow and solid shafts. Beams of uniform strength. Combined bending and torsion. Strain energy. Columns & struts. Elastic stability of columns. Bending moment and shear force diagrams for simply supported beams, cantilever beams and overhanging beams. Analysis of simple trusses. STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS: Definition of statically determinate and indeterminate structures. Deflection of beams: moment area method, conjugate beam method, stain energy method and unit load method. Rolling loads and influence lines for statically determinate beams and bridge trusses. Three hinged arches, cables and suspension bridges. Analysis of indeterminate beams, frames and trusses: consistent deformation method, slope deflection method, moment distribution method, Kani's method. Plastic analysis of simple beams and frames.

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CONCRTE TECHNOLOGY: Concrete making materials - Manufacture of Cements, types of cements and aggregates, properties and testing, Water, admixtures. Fresh concrete, workability, compaction, curing. Strength of concrete, elasticity, shrinkage and creep. Durability of concrete. Testing of hardened concrete, criteria. Special Concretes. Concrete chemicals. RC STRUCTURES: Strength properties and behaviour of concrete and reinforcing steel. Basic principles of working stress design. Limit state design concepts. Designing of members subjected to flexure, shear, torsion, axial forces and combinations, uniaxial and biaxial bending of columns. Design of simply supported and continuous beams and slabs; two way slabs, isolated and combined footings. Computation of deflection..

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