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RAJDLSG Nagar Palika Syllabus Old Papers 2016 for EO,RO,RI,ARI and SWM, Fireman, Inspector

Rajasthan Nagar Palika Syllabus, Pattern & Scheme 2016, Download Detailed Syllabus for Nagar Palika Old Question Papers, Department of Local Self Government, Sample Papers, Model Papers etc. 

Syllabus for the posts Executive Officer, Revenue Officer, Revenue Inspector, Assistant Revenue Inspector and Solid Waste Manager 

Syllabus for the posts Assistant Engineer (Civil), Assistant Engineer (Solid Waste Management), Assistant Engineer (Electrical), Assistant Engineer (Mechanical), Health Officer, Assistant Fire Officer, Fireman, Driver Fire, Town Planning Assistant, Senior Draftsman, Junior Accountant, Clerk Grade-II 

Syllabus for Lower Division Clerk Grade-II 

English :  Tenses/Sequence of Tenses. Voice : Active and Passive. Narration : Direct and Indirect. Transformation of Sentences : Assertive to Negative, Interrogative, Exclamatory and vice-versa. Use of Articles and Determiners. Use of Prepositions. Translation of Simple (Ordinary/Common) Sentences from Hindi to English and vice-versa. Correction of sentences including subject, Verb, Agreement, Degrees of Adjectives, Connectives and words wrongly used. Glossary of official, Technical Terms (with their Hindi Versions). Synonyms. Antonyms. One word substitution. Forming new words by using prefixes and suffixes. Confusable words. Comprehension of a given passage. Knowledge of writing letters : Official, Demi Official, Circulars and Notices, Tenders

Mathematics :Natural numbers, rational and irrational numbers and their decimal expansions, operations on real numbers, laws of exponents for real numbers, rational numbers and their decimal expansions. Ratio and proportion, percentage, Profit and loss, simple and compound interest, time and distance, time and speed, work and time. Collection of data, presentation of data, graphical representation of data, measure of central tendency, mean, mode, median of ungrouped & grouped data.

Basics of Computer: Introduction to Computer & Windows: Input/output Devices, Memory, PORTs, Windows Explorer Menu, Managing Files & Folders, Setup & Accessories, Formatting, Creating CD/DVD. Word Processing & Presentations: Menu Bars, Managing Documents & Presentations, Text Formatting,Table Manipulations, Slide Designs, Animations, Page Layout, Printing. Spread Sheets: Excel Menu Bar, Entering Data, Basic Formulae & Inbuilt Functions, Cell & Text Formatting, Navigating, Charts, Page Setup, Printing, Spread Sheets for Accounting. Working with Internet and e-mails: Web Browsing & Searching, Downloading & Uploading, Managing an E-mail Account, e-Banking.


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