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Odisha SSB Syllabus, Scheme & Pattern 2016 for the Advertisement (001/2015) for Recruitment of Lecturers in Colleges

Exam Syllabus Pattern & Scheme for Recruitment of Lecturers in various Non-Government Aided Colleges of Odisha

for the Advertisement (001/2015) for Recruitment of Lecturers in various Non-Government Aided Colleges of Odisha.

Here below the index of the subjects for the posts of Lecturer
Anthropology, Bio Technology, Botany, Chemistry, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, Education, English, Geography, Geology, Hindi, History, Home science, IRPM, Law, Logic & Philosophy, Mathematics, Odia, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sanskrit, Sociology, Statistics, Telugu, Zoology,

Anthropology Unit – I History and Development of Social and Cultural Anthropology: Definition, Nature and Characteristics of Culture; Types of Culture Change: Innovation, Invention, Diffusion, Acculturation, Assimilation, Attenuation, Integration; Concepts and Theories of Religion: Religion, Magic and Science; Types of Political Organization: State and Stateless Societies……..

BIOCHEMISTRY. Chemical composition of biomolecules; Structure, classification and properties of amino acids and fatty acids. Levels of Protein structure (Primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary), protein folding and protein degradation. Carbohydrate and Lipids (structure, classification and functions), Carbohydrate metabolism, Glycolysis, TCA cycle, β-oxidation of fatty acids, oxidative phosphorylation, Electron transport in Mitochondria and Chloroplast. Classification and nomenclature of enzymes, General principles of enzyme reactions, Enzyme kinetics, Enzyme inhibition……..

BOTANY- SYLLABUS Unit-1 Algae- General Characteristics, Organization of Thallus, Cell-structure, reproduction, alternation of generation, economic importance. Structure, reproduction and life cycle of Chlamydomonasand Spirogyra. Fungi - General Characteristics, organization of thallus, reproduction, alternation of generation, economic importance…….

PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Unit-I: Classical thermodynamics Brief resume of concepts of law of thermodynamics – free energy, chemical potential and entropies – Partial molar properties – partial molar free energy – partial molar volume and partial molar heat content and their significances – concept of fugacity and determination of fugacity – activity – activity coefficient – Third law of thermodynamics, excess functions for non ideal solutions………..

Computer Science: DISCRETE STRUCTURES Propositional Logic, Predicate calculus, Sets, Relations, Functions, Inclusion-Exclusion Principle, Equivalence and Partial Orderings, Elementary Counting Techniques. Computability: Models of computation- Finite Automata, Pushdown Automata, Non-determinism and NFA, DPDA and PDAs and Languages accepted by these structure, Grammars, Languages, Non-computability and Examples of non computable problems…….

Dear Opponents please follow the instructions mentioned below the download the detailed syllabus for the employment of Lecturer Posts

Steps to Download the Detailed Syllabus:

Log on to the authorized web portal which is https://www.ssbodisha.nic.in

Discover and hit the appropriate link related to Syllabus

The list of Subjects will be lighted before you on the display

Hit the relevant Subject that you want to Download

The PDF File will be opened before You

Save it or print it for future reference.

Dear pretenders hit the direct link to download the detailed syllabus described below


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