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UP Police SI Syllabus 2015 Sub Inspector Exam Pattern, PST, PET Measurements

UP Police SI Syllabus 2015 UP Police SI Exam Pattern 2015 UP Police SI latest Study Material For Written Exam, UP Police Sub-Inspector Exam Syllabus UP Police Scheme Of Examination…..

UP Police SI Exam Syllabus 2015

Uttar Pradesh Police SI Examinations will be scheduled very soon. Now the Applicants are very interested in Syllabus so that they may make the hardly preparations with easily. The Candidates should download this Exam Pattern & Syllabus for Physical & Written Exam. When you are able to know the basic structure of Exam and prepare yourself well according to smart techniques then you become for exam and get the many occasions for selection. So in this section we provides you Exam Pattern & Syllabus of UP Police SI Written Exam.

S election   P rocedure :- First Of all the Candidates should keep the Knowledge about Selection Process.

Written Examination

Documentation & Physical Standard Test (PST)

Physical Efficiency Test (PET)

Documentation & Physical Standard Test (PST)

168 cms
79-84 cms
160 cms
77-82 cms
152 cms
147 cms

For Female Candidates the Min. Weight should be 40 KGs.

For Male Candidates the Min. 05 CMS expansion of chest is necessary.

Physical Efficiency Test (PET) :- The Candidates have to face the following tests. 

Race :- For Male :-  4.8 KMS in 28 minutes.

Female :- 2.4 KMS in 16 minutes.

Written Examination :-

Exam Pattern :- Mains written exam will be of 400 marks consisting of multiple choice questions.

General Hindi
Law/ Constitution/ General Knowledge
Numerical & Mental Ability Test
Mental Aptitude Test/Intelligence Test/Test of Reasoning

Candidates must have to obtain 50% marks in each subject to qualify in written test.

izkjfEHkd fyf[kr ijh{kk dk ikB~;dze %&

1 lkekU; Kku %& lkekU; foKku] Hkkjr dk bfrgkl] Hkkjr dk Lora=rk laxzke] Hkkjrh; lafo/kku] Hkkjrh; jkTkra=] vFkZ O;oLFkk ,o a laLd`fr] Hkkjrh; d`f’k] okf.kT; ,o a O;kikj] tula[;k] i;kZoj.k ,oa uxjhdj.k] fo'o Hkwxksy rFkk Hkkjr dk Hkwxksy vkSj izkd`frd lalk/ku] jk"Vªh; rFkk vUrjkZ’Vªh; egRo ds lkef;d fo"k;] lkekU; ckSf)d {kerk] mRrj izns'k dh f'k{kk] laLd`fr] d`f"k] m|ksx] O;kikj ,oa jgu&lgu vkSj lkekftd izFkkvksa ds lEcU/k esa fof'"V tkudkjh] mRrj izns'k esa jktLo] iqfyl o lkekU; iz'kklfud O;oLFkk] lwpuk ,o a lapkj izkS|ksfxdh dk ekSfyd@vk/kkjHkwr Kku] i;kZoj.kh; Kku] foKku ,oa izkS|ksfxdh esa u;s vk;ke] vkink izcU/ku] Hkk"kk dk ekSfyd Kku&fgUnh O;kdj.k] fofo/k&[ksy] iqjLdkj] “kksfot] ekl dE;qfuds'kuA

2 la[;kRed ;ksX;rk ijh{kk (Numerical and Mental Ability Test) %&

d½ la[;kRed &Number System &la[;k i)fr] Simplification&ljyhdj.k] Decimals and Fraction&n'keyo vkSj fHkUu] Highest common factor and lowest common multiple egRre lekiorZd vkSj y?kqRre lekiorZd] Ratio and Proportion &vuqikr vkSj lekuqikr] Percentage&izfr'krrk] Profit and Loss&ykHk vkSj gkfu] Discount&NwV]  Simple interest&lk/kkj.k C;kt] Compound interest&pØo`f) C;kt] Partnership &Hkkxhnkjh]  Average&vkSlr] Time and Work vkSj dk;Z] Time and Distance vkSj nwjh] Use of Tables and Graphs&lkj.kh vkSj xzkQ dk iz;ksx] Mensuration&esUlqjs'ku] Miscellaneous&fofo/kA

3 rkfdZd ijh{kk (Test of Reasoning) :- Analogies-le:irk, Similarities-lekurk, Differences-fHkUurk, Space visualization-[kkyh LFkku Hkjuk, Problem solving-leL;k dks lqy>kuk, Analysis judgement-fo'ys"k.k fu.kZ;, Decision-making fu.kkZ;d {kerk, Visual memory-n`'; Le`fr, Discrimination-foHksnu {kerk, Observation- i;Zos{k.k, Relationship-lEcU/k,  Concepts-vo/kkj.kk,  Arithmetical reasoning- vadx.krh; rd Z, Verbal and figure classification-'kCn vkSj vkd`fr oxhZdj.k, Arithmetical number series- vadx.krh; la[;k J`a[kyk.  Abilities to deal with abstract ideas and symbols and their relationships-vewr Z fopkjk sa o izrhdk sa rFkk muds lEcU/kk sa ls lkeatL; dh {kerk,  Arithmetical computations and other analytical functions-vadx.krh; lax.kuk o vU; fo'ys"k.kkRed dk;ZA

Main Written Exam Syllabus:-

General Hindi:- Questions & Answer from the Passage, Title of the Passage, Letter Writing, Word Knowledge, Use of Words, Antonym, Synonym, One Word Substitutions, Sentence Correction & Idioms Phrases.

Law & Constitution:- General Knowledge about Indian Constitution, Aim of Constitution, Fundamental Rights, Directive principles, Rules & Regulations of constitutional Amendments, All India Service, Information about social Law related to women, children, Reservation of SC/ ST, Environment, Wild Life Conservation, Human Rights, Traffic Rules, National Security Issues, Principle of Crime Punishment, Right of Self Defence, General Knowledge about Law.

General Knowledge :- In this objective of questions about general knowledge of surrounding society of the candidates to test the awareness about surrounding activities. Questions will also be  included towards a scientist sight and thinking which expected from an educated person. So, candidates should must focus on affairs about India and its adjacent countries too. Scientific Progress/Development, National/International Awards, Indian Languages, Books, Script, Capital, Currency, Sports-Athlete such as essential knowledge.

Numerical & Mental Ability Test:-

Numerical Aptitude:- Number System, Simplification, Decimal & Fraction, HCF LCM, Ratio & Proportion, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Discount, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Partnership, Time & Work, Distance, Use of Table & Graph, Mensuration & Miscellaneous.

Mental Ability Test:- Questions will be from topics- Logical Diagrams, Symbol-Relationship Interpretation, Codification, Perception Test, Word formation Test, Letter and number series, Word and alphabet Analogy, Common Sense Test, Letter and number coding, Direction sense Test, Logical interpretation of data, Forcefulness of argument, Determining implied meanings.
Mental Aptitude Test/Intelligence Quotient Test/Test of Reasoning:-

Mental Aptitude Test:- Public Interest, Law & Order, Communal Harmony, Crime Control, Rule of Law, Ability of Adaptability, Professional Information (Basic level), Police System, Contemporary Police Issues & Law and order, Basic Law, Interest in Profession, Mental Toughness, Sensitivity towards minorities and underprivileged & Gender sensitivity.

Intelligence Quotient Test :- Relationship and Analogy Test, Spotting out the dissimilar, Series Completion, Coding-Decoding, Direction Sense Test, Blood Relation, Problems based on alphabet, Time sequence test, Venn Diagram and chart type test, Mathematical ability Test, Arranging in order.

Test of Reasoning:- Questions will be from topics- Analogies, Similarities, Differences, Space visualization, Problem solving, Analysis and Judgement, Decision-making, Visual memory, Discrimination, Observation, Relationship, Concepts, Arithmetical reasoning, Verbal and figure classification, Arithmetical number series, Abilities to deal with abstract ideas and symbols and their relationships, Arithmetical computations and other analytical functions.

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