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RKCL Important Questions For Exam Event February 2017

The Notes For RKCL Exam Event February 2017
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 RKSCL RSCIT Exam February 2017 :Students are advised to read these notes as these notes will be helpful in Exam and if studied these notes carefully i am sure they will get success in exam. Passing in RSCIT Exam is compulsory as most of vacancies requires RSCIT Diploma for Computer Knowledge & when 
you get this diploma you are eligible for filling forms for most of vacancies.
1 A file in which predefined setting are used to create general presentations/ document is called- Apr-13
(A) Template
(B) Model
(C) Pattern 
(D) Blue Print
2 The process of sending a message to multiple recipients is called- Apr-13
(A) Mail Merge
(B) Macro Merge
(C) Mega Merge
(D) Micro Merge
3 In MS Word which shortcut key is used in increase font size-  Apr-13
(A) Ctrl + Shift  +  >
(B) Ctrl + Shift +  <
(C) Ctrl + Shift + +
(D) Alt + +
4 Match the Following -  Apr-13
(A) Ctrl + Shift + C 
(B) Ctrl + Z
(C) Ctrl + L
(D) Ctrl + H
(i) Replace
(ii) Align Tab
(iii) Font Change
(iv) Undo
(v) Format Painter
(vi) Paste
a) b)
(A) (v) (iii)
(B) (v) (iv)
(C) (vi) (iv)
(D) (iii) (ii)
5 In MS Word 2010 when text is selected, a …………..……….. is automatically displayed.   Apr-13
(A) Taskbar
(B) Main Toolbar
(C) Mini Toolbar
(D) Status bar
6 Find and Replace box opens when you use  Apr-13
(A) Ctrl + F 
(B) Ctrl + X
(C) Ctrl + R
(D) Ctrl + H
7 Undo operation is done by  Apr-13
(A) Ctrl + Z
(B) Ctrl + C
(C) Ctrl + X
(D) Ctrl + V
8 “……………..” is used to organize information into an easy-to-read format of horizontal rows and vertical columns - Apr-13
(A) Cell 
(B) Sheet
(C) Box 
(D) Table
9 Shortcut key for Page Break in MS Word is Aug-13
(A) Ctrl + Return
(B) Ctrl + Shift
(C) Shift + Delete
(D) None of the above
10 The word wrap features Aug-13
(A) Automatically move text to the next line when necessary
(B) Appears at the bottom of the document
(C) Allows you to type over text
(D) Is the short horizontal line indicating the end of the document
11 Bullet library has …………… Aug-13
(A) Circle
(B) Disc
(C) Square
(D) All of the above
12 Shortcut key to find a text in a document Aug-13
(A) Ctrl + F 
(B) Alt + F
(C) Shift + F
(D) Ctrl + S
13 Strikethrough a text means Aug-13
(A) Italicize a text
(B) Highlight a text
(C) Draw a line through the middle of the selected text
(D) None of the above
14 Portrait and Landscape are ……………….. in MS Word 2010. Aug-13
(A) Page Orientation
(B) All of the above
(C) Page Layout
(D) Paper Size
15 “Times New Roman” is a  Aug-13
(A) Font Style
(B) Font Size
(C) Font alignment
(D) None of the above
16 To reverse your last action or command, you would use what feature Oct-13
(A) Drag
(B) Boot
(C) Cut
(D) Undo
17 The key F12 opens a …………………… in MS Word Oct-13
(A) ‘Save As’ Dialog Box
(B) ‘Open Dialog’ Box
(C) ‘Save Dialog’ Box
(D) ‘Close Dialog’ Box
19 Which file starts MS Word? Oct-13
(D) WORD2003.EXE
20 If you want to keep track of different editions of a document which features will you use? Oct-13
(A) Editions
(B) Versions
(C) Track Changes
(D) All of above
21 The four types of Mail Merge main documents are  Oct-13
(A) Form Letters, Directory, Catalogs and Envelopes
(B) Form Letters, Envelopes and Mailing Labels, Directories, and Lists
(C) Basic Letters, Envelopes, Labels and Lists
(D) Form Letters, Envelopes, Labels and Directory
22 Which of the following is not a type of page margin?  Oct-13
(A) Left
(B) Top
(C) Center
(D) Right
23 In Microsoft Word Gutter position can be set in the following positions Jan-14
(A) Left & Right
(B) Left & Top
(C) Left & Bottom
(D) Left Only
24 Which shortcut keys combination is used in word processor to subscript the text Jan-14
(A) Ctrl + Shift + =
(B) Ctrl + Alt + =
(C) Ctrl + =
(D) Alt + =

1 All formula in MS Excel start with- Apr-13
(A) %
(B) +
(C) =
(D) = >
2 To stop the automatic relative cell reference, which special character is put before the column and row number? Apr-13
(A) #
(B) $
(C) %
(D) *
3 In an excel formula cell address $A $4 represents  Apr-13
(A) Relative Cell Reference
(B) Mixed Cell Reference
(C) Absolute Cell reference
(D) All of the above
4 In MS Excel formulas, an adjacent range is specified by giving the starting and ending cell address separated by a……………… Apr-13
(A) Semicolon (;)
(B) Comma (,)
(C) Full Stop (.)
(D) Colon (:)
5 In MS Excel “ABS” function is used to: Aug-13
(A) Absolute value of a number
(B) Abstract value of a number
(C) Added value of a number
(D) ABS is not a function
6 MS excel is used for different types of ……………..varying from very simple to complex. Aug-13
(A) Calculations
(B) Presentations
(C) Image compression
(D) Image editing
7 The process of identifying specific rows and columns so that certain columns and rows are always visible on the screen is called …………… Aug-13
(A) Freezing
(B) Locking
(C) Selecting
(D) Fixing
8 The intersection of a row and column is called …………… Aug-13
(A) Data    
(B) A Field
(C) Cell  
(D) An Equation
9 A “…………….” is a prewritten formula that performs calculations automatically in MS Excel Oct-13
(A) Function
(B) Equation
(C) Template
(D) Reaction
10 If you press ………….., the cell accepts your typing as its contents in MS Excel Oct-13
(A) Enter
(B) Ctrl + Enter
(D) Insert
11 Normally the auto fill feature Oct-13
(A) Extends a sequential series of data
(B) Automatically adds a range of cell values
(C) Copies the data of current cell
(D) None of These
12 You can edit existing Excel data by pressing the  Oct-13
(A) F1 Key
(B) F2 Key
(C) F3 Key
(D) F4 Key
13 Which of the following represent an Excel File Jan-14
(A) Screen Clipping
(B) Screen Clipping
        STW Accounts
(C) Screen Clipping
         Word documents
(D) Screen Clipping
         City and Guilds 1999
14 In a worksheet you can select Jan-14
(A) The entire worksheet
(B) Multiple Row & Column at once 
(C) Only row
(D) All of the Above
15 What does the VLOOKUP function do? Jan-14
(A) Looks up text that contain 'V'
(B) Checks whether text is the same in one cell as in the next
(C) Finds related records
(D) All of the Above
16 Which of the following tool you will use in Excel to see what must be the value of a cell to get required result. Jan-14
(A) Formula Auditing 
(B) Research
(C) Track Change
(D) Goal Seek
17 The box on the chart that contains the name of each individual record is called the…….. Jan-14
(A) Cell
(B) Title
(C) Axis
(D) Legend
18 Which is the following is a Valid Cell Address Jan-14
(A) 11 25
(B) 935
(C) 3A
(D) A3
19 If 3/6 ia entered in a cell without applying any formats. Excel will treat this as Jan-14
(A) Text
(B) Formula
(C) Date
(D) Fraction 

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