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LMRC Junior Engineer Electrical Engineering Exam Syllabus / Pattern / Old Papers 2015

JE_Electrical Engineering

Basic Electrical Engg. And Electt. Measurements:

Concepts of currents, Voltage, Resistance, Power and energy, their units, Ohm'slaw. Circuit Law: Kirchhoff’s law Solution of simple network problems, Network theorems and their applications, Electro-magnetism concept of flux, Emf, Reluctance, Magnetic circuits, Electro-magnetic induction, Self and mutual inductance.,A.C. fundamentals Instantaneous, Peak, R.m.s. And average values of alternating waves, Equation of sinusoidal wave form, Simple series and parallel a.c. Circuits consisting of R.L. and C. Resonance, Measurement and measuring instruments

Moving coil and moving iron ammeters and voltmeters, Extension of range, Watt meters, Multimeters, Megger, Basic Electronics.

Electrical machines:

Basic principles D, C motors of generators, their characteristics, Speed control and starting of D.C. motors, Losses and efficiency of D.C. machines.

1-phase and 3-phase Transformers:

Principles of Operation, Equivalent Circuit, Voltage Regulation O.C. And S.C. Tests, Efficiency, Auto Transformers, Synchronous Machines, Generation Of Three Phase Emf, Armature Reaction, Voltage Regulation, Parallel Operation Of Two Alternators, Synchronizing, Staring And Applications Of Synchronous Motors, 3-Phase Induction Motor, Rotating Magnetic Field, Principle Of Operation, Equivalent Circuit, Torque Speed Characteristics, Starting And Speed Control Of 3-Phase Induction Motors, Fractional Kw Motors, 1-Phase Induction Motors A.C. Series Motor, Reluctance Motor.

General, Transmission and Distribution:

Different types of power stations, Load factor, Diversity factor, Demand factor, Simple problems thereon, Cost of generation inter connection of power stations, Power factor improvement, Various types of tariffs, Types of faults Short circuit current for symmetrical faults, Switchgears-rating of circuit breakers: Principles of a are extinction by oil and air, H.R.C. fuses, Protection earthier leakage, Over current Buchhotgz relayMerz-Prince system of protection of generators & transformers, Protection of feeders and bus bars., Lightning arresters, Various transmission and distribution systems, Comparison of conductor materials. Efficiency for different systems.

Utilization of Electrical Energy:

Illumination, Electric heating, Electric welding, Electroplating, Electric drivers and motors.

Other Syllabus

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